Learn About the Impact 100 Model

What is the Impact 100 model?

The impact model was developed by Wendy Steele in 2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was designed to remove traditional barriers to giving and provide a unique experience to the donor, and a transformational experience to the grant recipient. It was an experience so compelling, it would forever change lives. Here’s how it works:

  • At least 100 women each donate $1,000.
  • 100% of member’s donations are given directly to charity.
  • Grants distributed in increments of $100,000.
  • The grants committee reviews applications, scores them, and objectively determines finalist organizations who will present at the Award Dinner.
  • Finalists present their projects at the dinner in September, members vote, and grants are awarded.

Why $1,000?

For most people, a gift of $1,000 is a “stop & think” gift. For many of our members, it represents sacrifice and intentional budgeting to make a charitable gift of this size. This is by design. The goal is that each member feels connected to their giving – and to the transformational grants that are a result of their gifts.

Is the Impact 100 model sustainable?

Yes. From a member standpoint, the model has proven its success. By the end of 2016, Impact 100 organizations in the United States will have given away more than $45 MILLION to people in need. From a grants standpoint, the initial grant screening process will ensure an organization is capable of handling a grant of this size. We also work with the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana and members to follow-up on the grant award and ensure the organization manages the award appropriately.

Where can I learn more about Impact 100?

More information is available throughout this website. You can also visit our Facebook page or contact a board member for more information.

Note: Any organization is able to adopt the Impact 100 model without paying a “fee” or registering with a parent organization in any way. Each Impact 100 chapter has the freedom to adjust the model to best accommodate the needs and women in their community.

What does my donation Fund?

100% of Member Donations Go to Grant Recipients – All operating and administrative costs of the organization are paid for by donations. Impact 100 Southern Indiana has a minimum of 100 members, each donating $1,000 per year. Each time we reach another 100 members, we award a grant for $100,000 to a local nonprofit.

What recognition is given to donors?

  • All members – Hazel Society, Full or Shared – will be recognized by your first and last name. If you do not wish to be recognized, you will need to note this on your registration form.
  • All event sponsors will be recognized based on sponsorship level and as outlined in the sponsorship packet.
  • All other donors/donations/in-kind support to Impact 100 SI will be listed under “additional support provided by.”

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