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Impact 100 Southern Indiana's goal is to provide high-impact grants that reach under-served populations, highlight unmet needs in our area and raise the profile of deserving but lesser known initiatives. To support this important work and allow organizations to “dream big,” Impact SI annually awards grants to local non-profits. Total funding is determined by the number of members who contribute $1,000 each towards the grants. Excess membership funds will be divided among the other finalists of the grant process for general operating support.


Grant finalists are determined through a detailed process of proposal review and evaluation by members, and the grant recipients are chosen by a vote of the membership at the Impact SI Annual Meeting.


Please review the following eligibility criteria to determine whether both your organization and your project or program meet the criteria for a grant from Impact 100 Southern Indiana.

Organizations must be:

  • Filed as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a certificate or letter of status as a pdf.

  • Have been in business a minimum of two years from the date of the most recent IRS Letter of Determination, and are listed in good standing on the IRS Publication 78 and/or the Business Master File, and have completed annual filing with the Indiana Secretary of State.

  • A specific program or project that targets a defined population that is described in the five Impact 100 global focus areas.

  • The project proposed is a program improvement and/or expansion project, a capital expenditure, and/or a technical assistance/training project. It will operate for a defined duration of no more than two years; have defined, measurable goals; and will use entire grant.

  • The organization serves Clark, Floyd, and/or Harrison Counties and have a location in at least one of these counties.

  • The organization will stay within the character limits and formatting requirements outlined in this RFP.

  • The organization will not use this funding for any other purpose than what is proposed.

  • The organization will clearly state what they will do, how they will spend the grant funding, and why funding is requested.

  • The organization has approval from their Executive Director and Board President to pursue this funding.

Eligible applicants must meet all of the eligibility criteria in order to be considered for funding.

Letter of Intent Requirements:

Your Letter of Intent must state your intent to apply for Impact 100 Southern Indiana’s grant funding. The letter must note that your organization and proposal meets all of the eligibility requirements in this checklist, and provide your organization’s current address. Your letter of intent should be submitted to


This letter does not need to include any specific details about your proposed project. Impact 100 Southern Indiana will use the letters of intent to determine initial eligibility and to plan for our grant review process.

Award Deadlines:

Interested nonprofits should submit a letter of intent by July 31st at 5:00pm EST.  Applications are due by September 11th at 5pm EST

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